This Master Plan Update will define a long-range operation and development framework for the future of Timmerman Airport.

Welcome to the Timmerman Airport Master Plan Update site. Milwaukee County is conducting a Master Plan Update study for Lawrence J. Timmerman Airport that will ensure that the Airport continues to operate safely and efficiently and is prepared to grow and adapt as the future of aviation in Milwaukee County and southeastern Wisconsin evolves.

This comprehensive study will define the short-term, medium-term, and long-term development needed to meet projected future aviation demand. It will also focus on providing a framework for making development decisions that cost-effectively meet demand, while also considering the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

As a stakeholder, you play an important role in this process and this project will benefit greatly from your feedback. Please continue to visit this website for updates throughout the process, including what to anticipate as the study unfolds; research; progress and milestones; ideas about what the future of Timmerman Airport may look like; the opportunity to engage and provide commentary; and more.

Milwaukee County and Lawrence J. Timmerman Airport encourage you to explore this website and return over the course of the master planning process to learn about and contribute to planning the future of our airport.