About Timmerman

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lawrence J. Timmerman Airport, often referenced by its MWC three-letter airport designator, has been serving the local Milwaukee community for nearly a century. Although it was originally constructed in the late 1920s, Milwaukee County acquired the Airport in 1947 and ultimately tripled its size to the 420 acres it currently occupies. In recognition of his public service to Milwaukee, the airfield was renamed in 1959 for Lawrence J. Timmerman, who served as Chairman of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and was a local champion for aviation.

regional reliever airport (MKE)

General aviation (Flying Services and Activities)

home to a Civil Air Patrol squadron

The Airport currently serves as a regional reliever airport for Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE), providing congestion relief and improving general aviation accessibility for the greater Milwaukee community. General aviation encompasses a variety of flying activities, excluding military operations and scheduled passenger airline service. While recreational flying is often viewed as the primary component of general aviation, other flying activities include business and corporate flights, pilot training, charter services, medical transport, aircraft maintenance and fueling, and other services and activities that support pilots and aircraft owners. MWC provides a range of services, including flight training, charter flights, and aircraft maintenance. The Airport is also home to a Civil Air Patrol squadron (an auxiliary of the US Air Force) which provides emergency services, cadet programs, and aerospace education.

Lawrence J. Timmerman Airport’s airfield has two asphalt-paved runways and two turf runways, which are relatively unique among general aviation airports.  MWC has undergone significant transformation since first built and commissioned in 1930. Throughout the years, various aircraft hangars and aircraft parking areas have been constructed, along with facilities to support a fixed-base operator that provides essential aircraft and pilot services. Supported by an air traffic control tower, MWC facilities meet the needs of both locally-based pilots and aircraft, as well as non-local aircraft operators and owners that use the airport for business, recreational, and related activities.

In 2017, Milwaukee County completed a strategic Business Plan for MWC, defining the actions needed to increase the attractiveness of MWC to aircraft operators through facility improvements and to increase the awareness of MWC within the aviation community.